Marketing & Public Relations

We know that in today’s competitive market, return on investment is the name of the game. In an environment where budgets are tighter than ever and staffs are required to do more with less, we help clients demonstrate ROI to justify the existence—and future life—of any marketing program and its budget.

"Thank you for being 'the best' PR person in San Diego - and 'the best friend' to SDSA. You are our 'resident' PR friend and I want you to know how much you are appreciated."
- Patricia Winter,
San Diego Science Alliance (SDSA)

Our clients hope to create a change in their audiences - they want their audiences to know more, have a different attitude, and be motivated to buy a product or service, or be more productive. We ensure that the intended audience is changed in some way by its interaction with our clients – aligning the audience's hearts and minds with that firm's interests – ultimately taking advantage of that interaction.

Our team of experienced marketing professionals have the knowledge and tools to perform primary and secondary market research; then we analyze that data to determine how the results affect your marketing goals and objectives.

Public Relations
Based upon the need to generate positive media coverage for our clients, we create public relations strategies to identify and reach influencers to help shape how products and services are bought, perceptions are formed and trends are launched.





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