Workforce Development

We are dedicated to paving the way for a highly qualified workforce by elevating the level of current employees and preparing the region’s future workers. We focus on developing innovative solutions for economic growth and development.

"I really appreciated your presentation at WEC today.  So happy to hear what others are doing to help out schools, recycling and young women!"
- Andrea Calbow,
San Diego
City Schools / Women's Engineering Council (WEC)

Job Analysis
Expert workers are the cornerstone for understanding how a business succeeds. We work on a dual platform in analyzing jobs: improvement of the current workforce and education for the future workforce.

Serving Businesses
In order to help our business clients thrive, we focus on individual jobs and methodically analyze how the experts in your company perform their work – what they do; how they do it; who they work with; and what their resources are. The end result is a detailed matrix that may be used for job descriptions, job training & aides, performance evaluation, development of standard operating procedures, process improvement, or change management.

Serving Educators
To ensure a qualified future workforce, we provide educators with the same detailed job analysis, but the panel of experts is drawn from companies across the region to widen the breadth and depth of the job details. In an education setting, the matrix may be used to refine or develop curriculum presented to K-12, community college, or universities to support industry growth.

Here are some jobs that we have analyzed:

  • Research Assistant I, In-vitro Biology
  • RF Technician
  • Field Technician, Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Certified Nurse Assistant

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job analysis process.

Advisory Board Development
A thorough understanding of our clients’ needs is the cornerstone to our success in developing executive, industry, and peer boards for non-profit organizations, consortiums, and educators. We don’t just stop at getting the right people involved; we add value by facilitating the meetings and ensuring that both the clients’ goals are achieved and, moreover, the new boards themselves are results-oriented. Our ultimate goal is to develop a framework for success by enabling the autonomous activity of each respective group.

Educational Resources
We understand that educators need accurate and up-to-date information from local business and industry in order to develop students into an enlightened, energetic, and qualified future workforce. We have provided curriculum, internship, and educational script solutions to clients in the K-12 and Community College systems, as well as outreach solutions for our business clients to these market sectors.





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